Ink It






Have your teammates guess words with stamps and ink pads! However, as the game goes, the pictures you create have to be more and more minimalist. Co-operate so that your team makes the fewest mistakes and complete the final round to win together!

On each of the five rounds of Ink It!, a different player — or several, depending on the player count — is the Captain. Each other player is dealt a word card with one concept or item to represent. To do so, they can use only the four rubber stamps to draw red circles, blue squares, green triangles, and yellow rectangles, but the number of "stamp strokes" per drawing is limited and gets smaller the longer the game goes on, from five stamps for the first round to only one for the final one!

The players who draw may use the same stamp multiple times, stamp over a part of another shape, and stamp partially or completely out of the frame, but they cannot use the stamp as a pen to stretch a shape, use another color for a shape, or spell letters. When everyone has finished their drawing, all words and drawings are revealed, then the Captain must find out which word card goes with which drawing.

If the cumulated mistakes made by the Captains exceeds the number of players, the game is immediately lost — but if they can complete five rounds without losing, they win!

—description from the publisher

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